Privileges of studying at Smolensk State Medical University

Privileges of studying at Smolensk State Medical University


20 August, 2022

Smolensk State Medical University is one of the top medical colleges among the hundreds of MBBS universities in Russia. Founded in 1920, Smolensk State Medical University is a public medical institution. The University has one of the best educational systems in the world, which is a testament to how good it is. The admissions process for the MBBS program at Smolensk State Medical University is simple. Additionally, the expense of education is reasonable here. The majority of foreign students that enroll at Smolensk State Medical University to study medicine do so because of their preferred educational system. The primary language utilized for teaching is English. Even MBBS degrees from the Smolensk State Medical University are recognized by prestigious medical and academic organizations such as the National Medical Commission and the World Health Organization. After graduating from Smolensk State Medical University, students can work anywhere around the globe because of its international fame.

Why Choose Smolensk State Medical University?

• The facilities for accommodating students are pleasant.
• The value tuition structure at universities.
• International students receive experience in clinical settings.
• After graduation, the university offers reputed medical degrees.
• Numerous student exchange programs are set up with medical institutions.
• Students who study medicine receive training in both clinical and scientific research.
• If you pass the NEET exams, no other entrance exams are essential.
• An aspirant can choose from the various MBBS courses.
• The NMC has recognized the university.
• Students in their final year have exposure to employment options.
• The MD degree offered has the same credibility as an Indian MBBS degree.

A Student’s Life at Smolensk State Medical University:

• Top hospitals offer internship opportunities for students
• The university hosts several activities and cultural programs.
• Every foreign student actively participates in the Indian Cultural Program.
• Non academic pursuits including drama and sports clubs
• Smolensk State Medical University features a sauna, a gym, a pool, and two shooting facilities.
• There are two indoor athletic facilities.
• The dormitory for students is excellent and has all of the necessary amenities.
• There are warmers and air conditioners available.
• Proper linen is provided for individuals who are combining.
• Separate hostels for boys and girls.
• Free wifi is available in every room.
• Campus-wide security is available for the safeguarding of students.
• The research labs at the university contain the newest technology for the faculties.
• The university canteen serves Indian mass.
• At the institution, the most up-to-date teaching techniques are used, including Tele-Video

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