All about Smolensk State Medical University: Eligibility, Admission process and Courses offered


All about Smolensk State Medical University: Eligibility, Admission process and Courses offered

All about Smolensk State Medical University: Eligibility, Admission process and Courses offered


25 August, 2022

In 1920, the Smolensk State Medical University was established and quickly raised to prominence as Russia’s premier MBBS institution. It is located on the Dnieper River, 360 kilometers from Moscow’s west-southwest corner. One of the best medical schools in Russia for MBBS programs is this one. The WHO, the USA, the UK, the NMC, and other nations have all granted the Smolensk State Medical University their approval. The university is currently in position 22 on a global scale. One of the best MBBS universities in Russia is the Smolensk State Medical University. The University currently ranks among the biggest MBBS programs in Russia and conducts applied, systematic, and fundamental scientific research.

A Brief Overview of Smolensk State Medical University:

The following are a few points regarding Smolensk State Medical University that can be observed quickly:
Intake for MBBS Course September 2022
NEET Examination Required
IELTS/TOEFL Not Required
Processing Time for MBBS Admission 45-45 days
Duration of MBBS Course 6 years (including internship)
Medium of Teaching English language
University Ranking Country Rank – 258
World Rank – 5507
Recognition NMC & WHO approved

Eligibility Requirements for Applying to the MBBS Program:

The following requirements must be met in order to enroll at this university, according to Medical Council of India regulations from 1997:

• The candidate must be 17 years old on or before December 31 of the year of application.

• Candidates must have completed their 10+2 requirements with an average of 50% in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology.

• The candidate needs to pass the NEET test.

Process for Applying to MBBS at Smolensk State Medical University (2022-23):

Students interested in studying medicine at Smolensk State Medical University should take note of the admissions requirements listed below:

Step 1: Visit the university’s website’s online admissions portal.

Step 2: Select the necessary course and complete the application.

Step 3: After submitting the registration, watch for the university-provided invitation letter. The evaluation procedure takes 10 to 15 days.

Step 4: You can apply for a visa after receiving an invitation letter.

Step 5: Before arriving, let the university know you’re leaving date.

Smolensk State Medical University’s Course Offerings:

The following departments are available for learners at Smolensk State Medical University to further their education:

• Medical
• Pharmacy
• Dentistry
• Pediatrics
• Higher Nursing
• Post graduates




Privileges of studying at Smolensk State Medical University

Privileges of studying at Smolensk State Medical University


20 August, 2022

Smolensk State Medical University is one of the top medical colleges among the hundreds of MBBS universities in Russia. Founded in 1920, Smolensk State Medical University is a public medical institution. The University has one of the best educational systems in the world, which is a testament to how good it is. The admissions process for the MBBS program at Smolensk State Medical University is simple. Additionally, the expense of education is reasonable here. The majority of foreign students that enroll at Smolensk State Medical University to study medicine do so because of their preferred educational system. The primary language utilized for teaching is English. Even MBBS degrees from the Smolensk State Medical University are recognized by prestigious medical and academic organizations such as the National Medical Commission and the World Health Organization. After graduating from Smolensk State Medical University, students can work anywhere around the globe because of its international fame.

Why Choose Smolensk State Medical University?

• The facilities for accommodating students are pleasant.
• The value tuition structure at universities.
• International students receive experience in clinical settings.
• After graduation, the university offers reputed medical degrees.
• Numerous student exchange programs are set up with medical institutions.
• Students who study medicine receive training in both clinical and scientific research.
• If you pass the NEET exams, no other entrance exams are essential.
• An aspirant can choose from the various MBBS courses.
• The NMC has recognized the university.
• Students in their final year have exposure to employment options.
• The MD degree offered has the same credibility as an Indian MBBS degree.

A Student’s Life at Smolensk State Medical University:

• Top hospitals offer internship opportunities for students
• The university hosts several activities and cultural programs.
• Every foreign student actively participates in the Indian Cultural Program.
• Non academic pursuits including drama and sports clubs
• Smolensk State Medical University features a sauna, a gym, a pool, and two shooting facilities.
• There are two indoor athletic facilities.
• The dormitory for students is excellent and has all of the necessary amenities.
• There are warmers and air conditioners available.
• Proper linen is provided for individuals who are combining.
• Separate hostels for boys and girls.
• Free wifi is available in every room.
• Campus-wide security is available for the safeguarding of students.
• The research labs at the university contain the newest technology for the faculties.
• The university canteen serves Indian mass.
• At the institution, the most up-to-date teaching techniques are used, including Tele-Video



Indian Students! Don’t Look Beyond Smolensk State Medical University for MBBS

Indian Students! Don’t Look Beyond Smolensk State Medical University for MBBS


13 July, 2022

Other than being one of the global superpowers, Russia has been a country that has made education a big premise of their services as an economy looking out for international students with educational aspirations that takes them around the globe. If this is told in numbers, then Russia ranks 8th on the list of being the most preferred among Indian students for their MBBS education.

In the foray of top-class medical institutions, the name of Smolensk State Medical University is taken with a lot of reverence. Founded in the year 1920, SSMU has been around for quite a long time and has a lineage of trust, quality academic education, and overall development as the front-runners in giving it global recognition among the medical fraternity.

With a complete English mode of teaching with an increased focus on discipline and development, the Smolensk State Medical University today has more than 1650 students, where the ratio is also favorable, with around 700 female students on the campus.

In the case of Indian students, SSMU becomes another great option as a medical institute due to the following couple of reasons-

No Language Barrier

English is more or less a universal language today, and Indian students have no difficulty in learning if the mode of teaching is in English. This is a major reason why the curriculum at Smolensk State Medical University is delivered in English.

Affordable Fee Structure

The fee structure at Smolensk State Medical University is very economical, especially for Indian students that have fees on their list of priorities when sending their children for an MBBS degree abroad. This is a huge deal for a majority of parents and SSMU has this all sorted out.

Learned From Doing One Of Those Social Media

If you are looking for a university that ticks all the right boxes for you as an Indian family, then Smolensk State Medical University is just the perfect way ahead.



Choose Smolensk State Medical University for MBBS in Russia

Choose Smolensk State Medical University for MBBS in Russia


13 May, 2022

Russia has become one of the most promising destinations for international students for pursuing their medical careers with promise and one that has global acclaim and acceptance. When MBBS aspirants look for a career to help their cause, Russia has been constantly keeping up on the charts for students.

Choosing a country is not enough, though. Once the borders get finalized, it then goes on to the institution that needs to be decided. When it comes to that choice of the best medical colleges in Russia, then the name Smolensk State Medical University comes right up there among the top ones.

Smolensk State Medical University has been in existence for more than a century, a very significant amount of time when we talk about delivering education in the field of medicine to aspiring MBBS professionals.

MBBS in Russia & Why It’s Becoming Popular?

The recent years have seen Russia emerge as the favorite destination for medical students looking to get a totally delightful educational experience in their lives. With the ease of accessibility, it goes without saying that Russia holds a lot of promise for MBBS aspirants.

This is where Smolensk State Medical University is an amazing option for students for something rewarding and substantial in their studies from a career perspective.

Widely-Accepted Course

The curriculum at Smolensk State Medical University is in accordance with global standards that are accepted by leading medical practitioners all over the world.

Complete Student Safety

The University follows a closed campus policy with students accommodated within the university premises. To add to it, the hostel is centrally heated as well, adding to the overall ease of life here.

And there’s a lot more awaiting you at Smolensk State Medical University in Russia. Just get in touch with them for more information.

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